Presenting three of my artful characters dying to speak: LISABETTA BUTI (the ‘Mona Lisa’ and Leonardo da Vinci’s kid sister), SANDRO BOTTICELLI (fifteenth-century master painter), and FINN CLEARY (a child victim onboard Titanic)

When the red leaves fall, the October sky darkens with rain and snow, and the frost on the pumpkin glows silver in the moonlight, banish the shadows that play on human fear. Relax into a haunting story from the borders of the afterlife where the ghosts are family, twists of fate transcend time, and love is more powerful than death.

I remain intent on listening to the ethereal echoes from objects in museums and voices of the long since departed, dying to tell their truth.

Have a safe Halloween. Especially the ‘black cats’ of every color out there – V Knox

Historical facts meet magical fiction in THREE GHOSTLY NOVELS by V KNOX:




DISAPP’EARRING TWICE – a work-in-progress by V KNOX

My latest Art History Mystery ‘DISAPP’EARRING TWICE’ featuring ‘The Girl With A Pearl Earring’ is due to launch in January, 2020. My newsletter with a synopsis and excerpts will be sent on November 22nd.



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About Veronica Knox

Veronica Knox has a Fine Arts Degree from the University of Alberta, where she studied Art History, Classical Studies, and Painting. In her career as a graphic designer, illustrator, private art teacher, and ‘fine artist,’ she has also worked with the brain-injured and autistic, developing new theories of hand-to-eye-to-mind connection. Veronica lives on the west coast of Canada, supporting local animal rescue shelters, painting, writing, editing other author’s novels, and championing the conservation of tigers and elephants, and their habitats. Her artwork and visuals to support ‘Second Lisa’ may be viewed on her website -
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  2. Great Job, Veronica!✨

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