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TEENAGER AURELIA MARCUS DISAPPEARED LONG BEFORE SHE RAN AWAY FROM HOME – A GHOST STORY ABOUT A PAINTING that refuses to stay on the canvas. A troubled teenager’s life alters drastically when A FAULTY SLIDE PROJECTOR IN AN ART HISTORY … Continue reading

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The Titanic disaster changes the destiny of Finn Cleary, a drowned Irish boy whose pained mother had admonished him before sailing: “KEEP YOUR FIRST PAIR OF STORE-BOUGHT SHOES CLEAN AND UNSCUFFED TO MEET YOUR COUSINS IN NEW YORK OR I’LL … Continue reading

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Following a phantom robin through the painted caves of Lascaux’s ‘hall of the horses’, takes THE SPIRIT OF DELPHI SHARPE, AN AUTISTIC TEENAGE GIRL IN A COMA, ON A POSTHUMOUS SEARCH FOR THE BOY IN A 500-YEAR-OLD PAINTING SHE FELL … Continue reading

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Lady Nan closed her book of ghost stories with a snap and waggled her finger at her spellbound grandchildren “And so,” she said. “If you really want something enough, a little thing like dying won’t stop you.” Curmudgeonly Bede Hall … Continue reading

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