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Guilty till proven innocent

The Buchi Della Verita or ‘the mouths of truth’ were ballot boxes for anonymous accusations during the time of Leonardo da Vinci. It was one such ‘ballot’ which drove the twenty-four year-old Leonardo into irrecoverable shame that surfaced from time … Continue reading

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There’s No Place Like Home!

On April 15th 1452, at the 3rd hour of the night, no less. Leonardo’s birth was so recorded by his grandfather. Now that’s precise. Where he was born is another story. Personally, standing in the landscape where Leonardo played as … Continue reading

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Leonardo’s secret hiding place?

The golden orb for the top of Florence’s Duomo, the Santa Maria del Fiore (Saint Mary of the Flowers), was under construction in the studio of Andrea Verrocchio when Leonardo da Vinci arrived there as a twelve-year-old apprentice.   The … Continue reading

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