Born April 15th – 1452 in the town of Vinci

“There was born to me, a grandson, the son of Ser Piero my son, on the 15th day of April, a Saturday, at the third hour of the night. He bears the name Lionardo.” – Antonio da Vinci

The face of ‘the Vitruvian Man’ is said to be a self-portrait of Leonardo, age thirty-eight

‘The Vitruvian Man’ – c. 1490

But the earliest image we have of him, is age 14 in this bronze sculpture of ‘David’. Leonardo posed for his teacher, Andrea Verrocchio, when he was the master’s fourteen-year-old apprentice


Verrocchio’s bronze ‘David’ – c. 1466


But my favorite likeness is Leonardo’s unfinished self-portrait in the ‘Adoration of the Magi’ when he was twenty-nine

Detail from Leonardo’s ‘Adoration of the Magi’ – c. 1482

I wonder…

Could Leonardo’s self-portrait be proof that Tom Cruise was a teenage time traveler?

Anything can happen in the movies.

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Leonardo da Vinci was born – April 15, 1452





HMS Titanic sank – April 15, 1912

It’s uncanny that these are both subjects about which I’m most passionate.

I wrote ‘The Unthinkable Shoes’ as an homage to the lost children of the Titanic after I visited the Maritime Museum in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and was moved by a pair of child’s shoes salvaged from the doomed liner.

‘THE UNTHINKABLE SHOES’ is a love story of reincarnation and extraordinary sacrifice. When death separates two children on board the Titanic who were destined to marry, the spirit of the boy, Finn, chooses to remain earthbound as the surviving girl’s invisible childhood companion.

Finding a pair of lost shoes is the only way to silence Finn’s inner demons and imagined sins, keep an unthinkable promise made in haste, and give them a second chance.


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Mr. Dickens may have written ‘Great Expectations’ but today, we authors are plagued with them:




Definition (mine): SERENDIPITY > A triad random hit of perfect-timing, perfect-placement, and a perfect human carrier pigeon in a single, spontaneous, advantageous intervention that radiates from its impact point, multiplies exponentially and champions a cause. HOPEFULLY yours and mine. But there’s the rub. Hoping cancels out serendipity.

Bob Dylan expressed serendipity’s elusive nature best when he sang “you may as well try and catch the wind”

The road to literary success is not paved with anything. Its not even a road; it’s two roads – a crossroad where divine intervention is said to occur. Except, it’s not divine; it’s human. A collision we euphemistically call a happy accident. The great unplanned ‘something’…

THE X FACTOR- And it’s never a what… it’s always a who: A great unplanned SOMEONE

As John Cleese in ‘The life of Brian’ admonishes the woman in an unruly mob who throws the first stone: “It only takes one.”

And speaking of one… serendipity is one loaded word. A word loaded with luck. One might say it’s even a mite overloaded. It’s a rare bird of a word. It’s best not to carry this spicy word on your sleeve; it’s tempting fate. But if you feel immune to superstitious mythos, write it on a slip of paper with invisible ink and keep it hidden in a pocket.


If serendipity lands on your doorstop, welcome it inside with open arms and order a crate of champagne.

Definition: AGENT > a strategic plan, catalyst, or event that influences an outcome; an action or response that triggers change; a human mediator who acts as an instrument of change; a driving force, capable of producing a certain effect; an active and efficient intervention that causes or transforms an existing neutral state.

And in the case of a bestseller, it’s also a reader who spontaneously instigates a word-of-mouth phenomenon.

Serendipity is like the amazing archaeological finds at Sutton Hoo. One day a metal detectorist tramps across a silent field. A short time later, a different metal detectorist waves his magic wand over the same damp ground and hits noisy Saxon gold. We may be sure the surrounding fields were consequently earmarked for further treasure and mined to within an inch. But to no avail.


Write as if serendipity doesn’t exist; as if Amazon stars don’t exist. More importantly, do not go gentle into that great expectation believing serendipity has your name at the top of its list. Its better not to set yourself up for disappointment.

allow serendipity be an unexpected surprise

We authors often try too hard to be the lightning rod for fame’s parallel strike. Fame doesn’t mega-strike twice in the same genre. Super-viral success is a bolt of lightning that may never strike once, even if you tempt serendipity by standing on the topmost rung of a metal stepladder during a thunderstorm, atop the only hill in a prairie landscape, wearing tap shoes while holding the world’s longest tuning fork over your head.


LITERARY SERENDIPITY IS A GHOST, akin to the definition in ‘Ghostbusters’ – [a free-floating full-torso vaporous apparition that blows books off shelves from twenty feet away, capable of scaring the socks a librarian.]

But if you desire to live in this kind of library, you must be invited.

There are no ‘busters’ to call, no site to manipulate, and no perfect treatise on writing to follow because the SERENDIPITY HOTLINE has an unlisted number?

So, authors rejoice. There is one less thing to worry about. The X factor is out of your control.

Chances are GREAT, that your number one ‘agent’ is happenstance with a beating human heart– the perfect event-horizon-reader who will champion your future.

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UFO = Unidentified Fictional Objectivity

Paranormal has become a four-letter word for those of us who write in its general vicinity. But softer words may be used to describe a ‘stranger than fiction’ story without horror and fright or to see dead people in a good way?

There IS a softer side to paranormal fiction where the curious reader is invited to innocently flirt with time.

Flow with impossible dreams. Indulge in a playful fling with the unreal and romance the sweetly surreal. Take a flight of fancy to the afterlife and dance the endless loops of reincarnation, lucid dreaming, quantum leaps of time-slipping, and venture into zones with more relaxed outer limits in novels where a reader can wander through the doors of perception and peek behind the looking glass without having to sleep with a light on afterwards.

Delight that the fictional afterlife is a country of your own making where you can die outside the box and reincarnate at will.

THE KEY WORD in paranormal fiction is ‘FICTION’ (translation: a story that exceeds the constraints of normal of lying)

It’s a heads-up promise that ‘SOMETHING UNUSUAL THIS WAY COMES’

That something you’re about to read will not creep you out or give you nightmares for a month of Sundays. That said, it may even delight you or cause you to reflect outside the laws of physics for a change, and indulge freely inside the flexible laws of metaphysics.

The word FICTION notifies a reader that something or everything in a story is untrue; the word PARANORMAL informs a reader that a story operates within the flexible realms of metaphysics.

Language goes one better and adds prefixes to nice calm words in order to jazz up the tension: un, in, other, super, extra, and para (which means above). These beget: unexplained, unidentified, unreal, unbelievable, uncanny, untoward, unearthly, otherworldly, supernatural, unlikely, unknown, insubstantial, unidentifiable, inexplicable, psychic, intuitive, extraordinary, unknowable, and the para-deadly… ‘paranormal’. The words: enigmatic, mystical, visionary, ethereal, ghostly, mysterious, fantasy, fanciful, make-believe, magical, prescient, quixotic, brooding, telepathic, clairvoyant, occult, surreal, arcane, premonition, esoteric, and imaginative are roses made of icing on a deeply layered cake.

Sadly, Quixotic-Fiction is not an acceptable genre, but wouldn’t it be nice if it was!

WE WANT TO BELIEVEif only for a few hours

We want to believe in the lighter side of the unexplained, defy gravity with flying objects, and dabble in the less arcane art of what-if. 

Here are some of my favorite works of Surreal-Fiction:

BOOKS (also MADE INTO FILMS): ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’, ‘The Lovely Bones’, and the ‘Harry Potter’ series. 

MOVIES: ‘The Lake House’, ‘What Dreams May Come’, ‘Somewhere in Time’, ‘Field of Dreams’, ‘Groundhog Day’, ‘Back to the Future’, ‘Close Encounters’, ‘Jurassic Park’, and ‘Ghostbusters’ (one)


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… and I came out with a story. Or, to be more precise, it followed me home and shadowed me for three years.

And now it’s coming up to the first anniversary, of self-publishing THE UNTHINKABLE SHOES, appropriately, the traditional ‘paper anniversary’, and the 105th anniversary of the morning when the museum shoes and their young owner perished in the North Atlantic on April 15th, 1912.

Titanic sank with many immigrant children aboard – young passengers trapped in the doomed steerage section on the ship. One of whom, likely wore these shoes, permanently on exhibit in the Maritime Museum of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In an homage to the unknown child, I created Finn Cleary, a wild Irish boy who lost two pairs of shoes in the icy waters that fateful night.

It was unthinkable for Finn to face his mother who’d declared:

“I’ll skin you alive, so I will, if you so much as scuff your new shoes before we get to America.”


‘THE UNTHINKABLE SHOES’ is an extraordinary love story between two children onboard the Titanic, destined to marry, who struggle to stay together even after death separates them. Finding Finn’s shoes is their only chance.

New shoes don’t grow on trees, but sadly, printed books, do rely on them. To win a paperback copy of ‘The Unthinkable Shoes’, please answer the following question: Was it an iceberg or greed that sank the Titanic? Give your reasons. The answer that dazzles me, wins. Please use the contact page to send your reply with the words Titanic book contest in your email heading. I look forward to hearing from you.


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HADRIAN'S WALL - Great Britain

HADRIAN’S WALL – Great Britain

Sometimes a wall is meant to defend and protect.

Sometimes a wall draws a line in the sand.

Sometimes a line in the sand marks a point of no return.

Often, if you’re lucky, the point of no return is an invitation to enter the liminal space between two realities.

In the ‘BEDE SERIES’ for middle-grade to young adult readers, Hadrian’s wall is a great divide.

But sometimes the common ground of a great divide is a non-local destination of great joining – the perfect space for uniting the natural and the supernatural to experience the mysteries of warm rain, red snow, and footsteps that end in silence.

‘TIME FALLS LIKE SNOW’ – book 2 of the BEDE SERIES is a time travel adventure to ancient Egypt through the time portals of a sentient stately home in Northumbria, built atop the successive ruins of prehistoric Britain.

Kit, a boy-scientist who decries all things supernatural must confront his worst nightmares after moving to Bede Hall, his grandmother’s crumbling estate. The Hall, steeped in local mythology, buzzes with unearthly energy and encounters with ghostly phenomena.

When Kit’s twin sister, Bash, wholeheartedly embraces the very energies that Kit denounces, they’re pitted against each other. Their natural telepathic bond remains a flimsy connection that connects the real and paranormal worlds.

But to prevent a global disaster and several personal ones, Kit must overcome his fear of the unknown, face erasure by time traveling through the dangerous portals of Bede Hall, and change the future by creating a new past.


What if Downton Abbey had a mind of its own?

Bede Hall is a sentient family estate, fallen on desperate times, crumbling in the shadow of Hadrian’s Wall, Northumberland. It has survived in countless reincarnations, hovering on the liminal boundaries of the Isle of Lindisfarne – the sheltered threshold between mythology and a hard place, in a world that’s positively ancestral.

When local developers target the abandoned Hall for demolition, it refuses to surrender without a fight.

With its ‘back against the wall’, the stately home is forced to recall its reluctant matriarch and her twin grandchildren, Bathsheba (Bash) and Christopher (Kit) – teenagers with their own challenges.

And since time refuses to turn back permanently, the Hall’s time portals can only play a risky game of hide and seek with its young champions.

Bede Hall must overcome its pride in order to fulfill its destiny. It has an ancient curse to defuse, a future catastrophe to avert, and a young ghost to set free while the twins face the consequences of playing chess with time itself.


Three years have passed since the twins arrived to live in Bede Hall.

Turning sixteen isn’t going to be easy.

feb-14-cover-time-falls-like-snow-from-august15TWINTER FRONT COVER AUGUST 15 2016

Book 1 of the ‘Bede series’ ‘TWINTER – THE FIRST PORTAL’ is presently available in print and e-book versions. The estimated publication date for book 2, ‘TIME FALLS LIKE SNOW’ is May 2017.


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dec-21-final-front-cover-i-was-thereIf meditation is time travel, then I have been there with Leonardo and Sandro and Lisa. I brushed against their cloaks of country-rough sackcloth or city-thick velvet trimmed in fur, and run my fingers over the heavy embroidered stuff of their Sunday best.

I’ve worn a wedding gown of stiff pearl-encrusted silk.

I’ve paced out the length and breadth of the Piazza della Signoria with Il Marzocco (the heraldic lion of Florence) and his wife – the back-to-back lions of yesterday and tomorrow. We skirted the deserted arena, a savannah of sun-baked paving stones, hugging the walls, keeping to the shadows – circling the square, squaring the circle, roaring at its empty coliseum of African dreams, ignoring the pigeons and an escaped wishing-pig. We were careful to sidestep Savonarola’s fire-blackened martyr-stone marking the center of vanity, the very heart of art.

I’ve set aside many a nosegay against the blast of renaissance filth. But then I’ve also been gifted the scent of flowers blooming free of diesel fumes and pesticides that leave our bleached versions of fruit and vegetables and pale-scented roses in the dust.

I’ve shadowed fifteenth-century Florentines unawares, light and casual in my T-shirt and tenderized stone-washed jeans, shuffling through their littered streets in sensible shoes, vaccinated and well-supplied with bottled water.

As a time-traveler, I’ve explored their natures the way discoverers of the New World embraced the shores of a Utopian mirage. I invited them inside my head, to share one mood, one pair of eyes, and allowed their DNA to mature – to percolate in quiet moments and prosper under my skin.

As their host, I gave them breath and a voice. As an author, I continue to shout their praises in pixels and electrons, and gift them paper and air.



Were you a fly on the wall? Or inside someone’s head? Or did you settle-in under an historical character’s skin?

Meet me for an espresso in the marketa of Florence beside the wishing pig.

See you there.



‘I WAS THERE’ – V. Knox




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