Graphic Design

I have been a graphic designer since 1970, in the days when paste-up referred to rubber cement and wax. Once a graphic designer; always a graphic designer, so I create my own book covers, but being untrained with digital formatting, I need to work in tandem with a professional format designer.

Second Lisa - book one of three

‘Second Lisa’ – book one of three

'Woo Woo - the posthumous love story of Miss Emily Carr'

‘Woo Woo – the posthumous love story of Miss Emily Carr’




‘Twinter – the first portal’



‘Adoration – loving Botticelli’

'Cherry White'

‘Cherry White’

5 Responses to Graphic Design

  1. John Pirillo says:

    Very, very nice cover designs!

  2. swintersblog says:

    These are beautiful! Eye-catching. Awesome!

  3. I love your designs. Very original. You have a great eye and a great imagination!

    • Thank you Maryann. Right now I’m revamping my ‘Mona Lisa’ biography (‘Second Lisa’) with a rewrite, a new title and a new ISBN number. The cover is set to go (as always it’s given priority) but I can’t (read shouldn’t) post the design until the book is live and ready to market.

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