Being middle-aged or much older means we’re honorary lifetime members of the ‘middle-grade’ genre that filmmakers and authors have created especially for us. Indulge. It’s amazing.

There’s no such thing as a second childhood if you never grow up!

It’s your entitlement… your choice… your reward for working so hard.

     Childhood is a gift that never has to end. Play warm. Create fuzzy. It’s called the imagination and it flows and grows forever. It’s about dreaming. It’s about letting your best dreams out to play.

Anyone up for a visit to Hadrian’s Wall, Pangea, the face on Mars? Would you like to time-slip to ancient Egypt?

Would you like to meet the surprising reincarnations of a dozen famous scientists and artists?

The enchanted village of Bede is the home of a special group of ‘twice-borns’ for a reason.

A ticket to Bede Hall is available here:  https://www.amazon.com/V-Knox/e/B0094K0Q7Y

     Live in a castle, ride a dragon… befriend a ghost. Time travel comes naturally to you. Your wisest companion is still a bear of little brain. Follow a white rabbit. Fly to Neverland. Nothing is impossible. Set grown up resistances aside. Be six or nine or twelve. Snuggle into your finest time of the day.

     Visit your happy places as often as you can. Grownups call it retreating. You know better. You know childhood is an ageless refreshing sanctuary – a place where being an adult is neither advised nor allowed, where making believe is time well spent.

SILENT K PUBLISHING – the home of V Knox’s indie books – promoting long cozy ‘metaphysical’ novels for discriminating bookworms who savor reading strange books as slowly as possible.

About Veronica Knox

Veronica Knox has a Fine Arts Degree from the University of Alberta, where she studied Art History, Classical Studies, and Painting. In her career as a graphic designer, illustrator, private art teacher, and ‘fine artist,’ she has also worked with the brain-injured and autistic, developing new theories of hand-to-eye-to-mind connection. Veronica lives on the west coast of Canada, supporting local animal rescue shelters, painting, writing, editing other author’s novels, and championing the conservation of tigers and elephants, and their habitats. Her artwork and visuals to support ‘Second Lisa’ may be viewed on her website - www.veronicaknox.com
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