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I became a full-grown cynic at eight, yet strangely, the belated gift of a teddy bear proved enlightening. I was definitely no ordinary child.
But then, Virgil was no ordinary bear.
In a life beset with sharp spindles and a distinct lack of white magic, it dawned on me that growing up was a perilous journey of life-threatening surprises. My mother tried to teach me that it was best to welcome each one with the wisdom of my namesake, Marcus Aurelius.
The Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, c.78 B.C. was a philosopher warrior who declared that success can only be reached by accepting, wholeheartedly, every obstacle that comes your way. Sadly, his truth registered too late to save me. I forgot that one must have the courage and patience to recall one’s childlike innocence, and remember, as the best fairy tales impart, to bring one’s whole heart into play when fateful stars drop questions on your plate.
And so, I disappeared long before I ran away from home.
– Aurelia Marcus
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