Someone said, and I think it was me, that all’s fair in love and book promotion. If this was ever so, surely it must hold true during our current sensitive arena of self-quarantine where reading is being paraded out as the next best thing after Netflix burnout.

It isn’t, reading is hard work.



Someone also said that words are cheap. They aren’t, writing them is hard work.

TEASER ALERT: in a few sentences I’m going to get cranky about the publishing game (read real). I’m becoming more tetchy (read jaded) in my old age, and for that I apologize (albeit, not vehemently). The art of storytelling naturally transitions into the arc of writing – a craft that requires study, focus, and determination.

While not too many things are more rewarding than writing for the joy of it, I would never recommend writing a novel as a lucrative business move. You will likely (eventually) require a separate source of income (or two). And this I can firmly attest: it’s less than romantic to work for minimum wage in a day job (or two) and squeeze the passion of writing into the wee small hours of dawn and midnight. That said, I hereby offer you (tongue-in-cheek) the pros and cons of reading my latest novel:

Reasons NOT TO read my latest book: From the off, you should know it’s a ghost story with themes of art history and reincarnation, one of the protagonists is an old lady, and if that’s not daunting enough, it’s literary fiction. It also costs $2.99.

Reasons TO give my book a try: it’s a ghost story with themes of art history and reincarnation; the old lady protagonist time travels, so she’s a teenager for some of the time, and the dispirited spirit who haunts her is forever seventeen; it’s literary fiction, it only costs $2.99, and lastly, for the love of universal perversity.

During this time of Covid, both my sources of income have disappeared, which is ironic because my book is titled ‘DISAPP’EARRING TWICE’.

Introducing my inner curmudgeon… Free is so 2017. And not surprisingly, free is all the rage for readers. Not so much for indie authors, although rage does have more than one interpretation.

Bearing in mind that a full-length 400 page novel, duly edited and created by professionals is a steal at under $3, ‘in my books’, $2.99 is last years 99cents.

My friend, Yoda, says “read or read not”, and wants you to know that Kindle features affordable (read free) peekaboo previews.


AURELIA MARCUS, A FRAGILE TEENAGER, DISAPPEARED LONG BEFORE SHE RAN AWAY FROM HOME. When a curse of immortality threatens eternal love, a pair of star-crossed lovers challenge time and fate. Love and death play out over centuries as the lives of succeeding generations evolve into an extended family saga where old promises collide with new comeuppances in a string of spectacularly untimely failures but there’s still a ghost of a chance that four people will meet again.

About Veronica Knox

Veronica Knox has a Fine Arts Degree from the University of Alberta, where she studied Art History, Classical Studies, and Painting. In her career as a graphic designer, illustrator, private art teacher, and ‘fine artist,’ she has also worked with the brain-injured and autistic, developing new theories of hand-to-eye-to-mind connection. Veronica lives on the west coast of Canada, supporting local animal rescue shelters, painting, writing, editing other author’s novels, and championing the conservation of tigers and elephants, and their habitats. Her artwork and visuals to support ‘Second Lisa’ may be viewed on her website -
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