MAY DAY or MAY DAY! … 6 degrees of separation

Is MAY DAY an international distress signal or a celebration of dancing and singing to honor FLORA, the Roman goddess of flowers? With human life balanced precariously on the tipping point of extinction, I guess there’s no earthly reason why it can’t it be both.

MAY DAY accompanied by an exclamation mark, stems from the French ‘m’aidez’ which translates as ‘HELP ME’. It is the audible counterpart to S.O.S. – Morse Code for SAVE OUR SOULS. Rescue is given priority to messages that repeat the words may day several times.

MAY DAY, the seasonal celebration of spring and rebirth, is an ancient festival of merriment and thanksgiving where a local Queen of the May is chosen and crowned with flowers on May 1st .

CROWN Perversely, the Latin word for crown is coronam. Biologically-ANATOMICALLY, it’s a part of the body resembling a crown. ASTRONOMICALLY, the sun’s corona visible during a total eclipse is a rarified gaseous envelope of the sun and other stars – a pearly shaped glow surrounding the darkened disk of the moon due to the diffraction of water droplets. DROPLETS can be injurious to one’s health. THE SUN’S CORONA is a small circle of shining light during a time of absolute darkness.

THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON – describes something mysterious and unknown. The side of the moon we never see. The side that faces away from Earth. The side that faces the cold, black expanse of space… say no more!

SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION is the premise that people (and words), are six, or fewer, social connections away from each other. Sounds eerily familiar.

The lovely lady in the painting is FLORA, THE GODDESS OF SPRING in Sandro Botticelli’s ‘PRIMAVERA’ – a title that echoes the words VERITY (Latin for truth) and PRIMA (Latin for ‘at first sight’). PRIMA has settled into our vernacular as prima donna and other references to number one.

‘PRIMAVERA’ C. 1470 Sandro Botticelli

I could go on because I could segue into the fanciful novel I wrote about Botticelli but I won’t. You may, however, discover it here



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Someone recently ‘borrowed’ my original ‘Bee Angelus’ from this website without my permission and posted it on their own blog. Somewhere in the fine 6pt. print at the bottom, he posted an obscure credit that linked to my inbox which is how it came to my attention.

I was surprised at first, then annoyed. So I flapped my wings for a while like a seagull fighting over a breadcrumb. And then I had this thought: perhaps, inadvertently, stealing can create serendipity, and so I left my painting there, my footprint planted on a distant shore – a signature of sorts and may it bring both of us some positive buzz.

None of us can know what dreams may come from random acts of piracy. So, perhaps I will be able to thank the pirate someday for my sudden inexplicable ‘out-of-the-blue’ rise to fame. Still, I would have appreciated the courtesy of being asked.


In the meantime, I pretty much hear crickets when I post a book promo, so it’s hard not to equate crickets with critics. And since silence is not always golden, it’s easy to assume that no feedback means something truly negative. I have to say, wearing an invisibility cloak is not the best fashion statement for an indie author.

And so, I continue to follow the advice of a famous girl fish: ‘just keep swimming, swimming, swimming’. Which proves even simpletons know important stuff. And since I can’t swim, I keep writing, writing, writing, and my mind continues to buzz with weird scenarios like what would happen if a peacock married a bee.

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Someone said, and I think it was me, that all’s fair in love and book promotion. If this was ever so, surely it must hold true during our current sensitive arena of self-quarantine where reading is being paraded out as the next best thing after Netflix burnout.

It isn’t, reading is hard work.



Someone also said that words are cheap. They aren’t, writing them is hard work.

TEASER ALERT: in a few sentences I’m going to get cranky about the publishing game (read real). I’m becoming more tetchy (read jaded) in my old age, and for that I apologize (albeit, not vehemently). The art of storytelling naturally transitions into the arc of writing – a craft that requires study, focus, and determination.

While not too many things are more rewarding than writing for the joy of it, I would never recommend writing a novel as a lucrative business move. You will likely (eventually) require a separate source of income (or two). And this I can firmly attest: it’s less than romantic to work for minimum wage in a day job (or two) and squeeze the passion of writing into the wee small hours of dawn and midnight. That said, I hereby offer you (tongue-in-cheek) the pros and cons of reading my latest novel:

Reasons NOT TO read my latest book: From the off, you should know it’s a ghost story with themes of art history and reincarnation, one of the protagonists is an old lady, and if that’s not daunting enough, it’s literary fiction. It also costs $2.99.

Reasons TO give my book a try: it’s a ghost story with themes of art history and reincarnation; the old lady protagonist time travels, so she’s a teenager for some of the time, and the dispirited spirit who haunts her is forever seventeen; it’s literary fiction, it only costs $2.99, and lastly, for the love of universal perversity.

During this time of Covid, both my sources of income have disappeared, which is ironic because my book is titled ‘DISAPP’EARRING TWICE’.

Introducing my inner curmudgeon… Free is so 2017. And not surprisingly, free is all the rage for readers. Not so much for indie authors, although rage does have more than one interpretation.

Bearing in mind that a full-length 400 page novel, duly edited and created by professionals is a steal at under $3, ‘in my books’, $2.99 is last years 99cents.

My friend, Yoda, says “read or read not”, and wants you to know that Kindle features affordable (read free) peekaboo previews.


AURELIA MARCUS, A FRAGILE TEENAGER, DISAPPEARED LONG BEFORE SHE RAN AWAY FROM HOME. When a curse of immortality threatens eternal love, a pair of star-crossed lovers challenge time and fate. Love and death play out over centuries as the lives of succeeding generations evolve into an extended family saga where old promises collide with new comeuppances in a string of spectacularly untimely failures but there’s still a ghost of a chance that four people will meet again.

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I like to think that there are no clichés without fire. As an author, I’ve been coached (read commanded) by mentors and editors, to avoid writing clichés like the p l – g – e. (Nope, not going to give that word its full power).

And now, during our current Covid nightmare, clichés resurface as straws to cling to. Citing ‘light at the end of a long dreary tunnel’ is no longer a flippant remark. It is a beacon of hope. It is a positive mantra.

I’ve always loved seclusion. In days of old (barely a month ago) it meant a welcome respite from the anxieties of the world – a sanctuary infinitely more poetic than imposed separation.

In short, humanity is now cloistered. We are chastened… hastened back to our most familiar cloister – HOME.

In an effort to ‘ACCENT THE POSITIVE and ELIMINATE THE NEGATIVE’, I offer are a few old world definitions that come disturbingly close to reality, and their counterpart words, meant to illuminate. Perhaps that ‘light at the end of the cloister’ may just be a new (more holistic) way to interpret an old word written in grey ink:

CLOISTER OLD: a covered walkway or tunnel-like hall, typically with a wall on one side and a colonnade open to a quadrangle on the other (we wish). A religiously observed harbour where initiates must live away from the world, required internment.

CLOISTER – GOOD: hideaway, sanctuary, refuge, a place to purposely and purposefully withdraw, a self-imposed fortress of solitude, a space for healing, to contemplate, restore beliefs, to revive and renew and refresh the spirit. A home hearth to shelter a family from harm.

CLOISTERED – OLD: confined, secluded from others, shut-in, separated from and communicating little with the outside world, sequestered.

CLOISTERED – GOOD: sheltered, protected, a safe haven, hearth and home, family unity, pulling together, a retreat, forgiveness, regrouping, a refreshing pause, intimacy, renewing ties, reaching out, reconnecting with loved ones, positive quarantine.

PLATITUDES – OLD: clichés, inanities, commonplace banalities, prosaicisms, old wives tales, tired expressions, vapidities, triteness, pointless, superficial, wistful, trivialities, fripperies, empty quotes, stopgap measures, feeble advice, whitewashing, band-aids, worn adages, flip sayings.

PLATITUDES – GOOD: inspirational, optimistic, hopeful, confident, meaningful, telling, eloquent, significant, deep, true, pure, profound, philosophical, insightful, thoughtful, reflective, deep-seated wisdom, deep-rooted insight, rich, evocative, perceptive, astute, prudent, mantras.

CONFINEMENT – OLD: imprisoned, forced, punishment, clinical, loss of willpower, forced captivity, limited, in custody, evacuation, incarceration, locked up in a cell, freedom denied, policed curfews, arrested, fear based, held under lock and key to safeguard the public.

CONFINEMENT– GOOD:  an opportunity for creative study and research, writing, painting, reading, craftwork, hobbies, conversation, correspondence, ashram, quality time for contemplation, soul searching, a chance to heal, the ultimate unselfish quarantine for the greater good. Accepting reduced restricted freedom with good heart, social distancing for the highest good, willingness to comply with medical expertise, self-isolation, positive collaboration, participating in the collective strategy to rid the world of a virus out of control, safekeeping, protection, guardianship, regulation, guidance, administration.

SOLITARY– OLD: alone, irrational fear, anti-social, insular, friendless, unaided, abandoned, deserted, by yourself, lost, blinkered, reactionary, withdrawal, alienated, excluded, pariah, reclusive, agoraphobic, exiled, separated, retained.

SOLITARY– GOOD: meditative, thoughtful, creative growth, nurturing, contemplative, togetherness, personal time, sabbatical, tighten family ties, downtime, private time, clarity, ideas, think tanks, sharing, planning, restorative, therapeutic, peace and quiet.

ISOLATION – OLD: imposed solitude, unwanted, judged, shunned, excluded, ignored, refugee, running away, rejected, lonely, hermitage.

ISOLATION– GOOD: a thinking space, time for restoration, refreshment, recreation, a necessary pause to regroup, renew family ties, atone, make plans, heal, gain strength, recuperate, upgrade skills, focused.

QUARANTINE – OLD: locked up, fearful, shunned, overlooked, disregarded, discounted, dumped, forgotten, segregated, detained, incarcerated, sentenced, set-apart, dehumanized, abandoned, deserted, imposed medical isolation… and the only way to stem a murderous outbreak.

QUARANTINE – GOOD: hospitalized, safe zone, resting place, conserve energy, unselfish, compassionate, considerate, caring, stability, curative, remedial, health-giving, beneficial, altruistic, civilized, charitable, selfless, humane, noble act, self-sacrificing, humane, connected, a wise precautionary measure… and the best way to heal and protect humanity from a murderous outbreak.

The ‘GOOD OLD days’ (a few months ago) are a distant memory. There’s never been a better time for POSITIVE CLICHÉS TO LIVE BY.  


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‘no man is an island’… but now we have to be:



“No man is an island entire of itself; every man

is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;

if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe

is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as

well as any manner of thy friends or of thine

own were; any man’s death diminishes me,

because I am involved in mankind.

And therefore never send to know for whom

the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

from ‘Devotions upon Emergent Occasions’- John Donne - 1624
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It may have been Charles Dickens who inspired the loaded announcement ‘I have good news and bad news’ in his famous opening line: ‘It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.’

Of all the April 15ths that have come and gone, two were particularly notable: one celebrates the arrival of a beloved genius, the other, marks the infamous sinking of a doomed ship.  

A GOOD DAY – April 15, 1452

Leonardo da Vinci 1452-1519

LEONARDO DA VINCI, is born – a child prodigy who became the consummate renaissance man. From wunderkind to master, Leonardo studied the arts of ongoing exploration: science, anatomy, and flight. He was an artist, inventor, engineer, philosopher, botanist, musician, and poet. By all accounts, Leonardo was a gentle compassionate soul, possessed of a boundless curiosity – a dedicated perfectionist, driven to record the entire world in one lifetime.

A BAD DAY – April 15, 1912 – RMS TITANIC SINKS

The RMS Titanic sank in the early morning hours of 15 April, 1912 in the North Atlantic after hitting an iceberg four days into the ship’s maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City. More than 1,500 passengers perished from an estimated 2,224 people on board Titanic, including 53 children.

These shoes were last worn April 15, 1912 by a child from Titanic

I saw them in the Halifax Maritime Museum in 2005, and vowed I would honour the children of Titanic in a story. It took ten years of listening before I knew what to write. You can read that fictional story in ‘THE UNTHINKABLE SHOES’ *link below

A NEW DAY – April 15, 2020

Humankind rallies together under a menacing cloud, grateful for its silver linings of courage, compassion, and sacrifice. Life continues to unfold under the natural laws of duality. Daylight follows night even the during the worst of times.

Creating art remains one of humanity’s greatest celebrations of life.


DISCLAIMER It feels like a strange time to talk about books and the business of marketing them, but it’s relevant to this newsletter to follow through with how these two April 15th events changed my life. I progressed from imagining stories to writing them down which led to studying the craft of writing for ten years and starting a self-publishing venture. Silent K Publishing has subsequently produced ten full-length time-slip novels that reconcile historical facts with imaginative fiction.

By happenstance, the birth of Leonardo da Vinci and the Titanic disaster inspired ‘Lisabetta’ and ‘The Unthinkable Shoes’, respectively

‘LISABETTA – a stolen glance’ by V KNOX


In order to reclaim her true identity, the embittered spirit of the ‘Mona Lisa’, trapped in her portrait for 500 years, must join forces with an autistic boy and his troubled mother.

THE PREMISE: WHAT-IF Leonardo da Vinci could paint the soul of a sitter into a portrait? WHAT-IF the true identity of the ‘Mona Lisa’ was lost due to a sixteenth-century typo? WHAT-IF the ‘Mona Lisa’ was Leonardo’s kid sister, Lisabetta? WHAT-IF she’s still trapped there after 500 years? WHAT-IF there’s a way to release her?… WHAT-IF an autistic six-year-old boy visiting the Louvre is her knight in shining armor? WHAT-IF his fraught mother needs saving first?


When death separates a pair of child passengers onboard Titanic who were destined to marry, the ghost of the boy chooses to remain earthbound as the surviving girl’s invisible childhood companion in order to fulfill a sacred promise made in haste. Finding a pair of lost shoes is their one chance to reunite in the future.

In 1927, Max Ehrmann, a wise compassionate man, wrote the ‘Desiderata: “whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.” DESIDERATA – is Latin for ‘desired things’. I urge you to read and share Max Ehrmann’s original text here:

My books are available here:

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It was lunchtime in my kitchen. Innocent of anything untoward, I hummed cheerfully as I assembled the ingredients for a sandwich. Not owning a great musical voice, I make it a point to only hum in private … but then I thought I was alone.

My mother told me to never play with my food, but she didn’t say I couldn’t have a conversation with it. Anyway, I didn’t start it. The first ghost was a timid fellow (or girl) who whimpered hello just as I was about to cover him or her with lettuce.

“Hello,” I said startled, a lettuce leaf poised in the air.

“Turn the page… I mean slice,” he or she said. “There are a few of us in here.”

So I did… Picasso and Pikachu were there.











“Pika pika,” Pikachu chuckled. Picasso shouted Hola Senora with a flamboyant air.

Suddenly, a bold new voice interrupted him. “Pardon me,” it said. “I be wishin’ to speak.”

The next slice revealed a pirate.










“I ‘ave no memory of me name,” he said.

“Do you remember how you came by that hole in your face,” I asked.

“Aaaarh. I don’t likes to talk about it, laddie,” he replied. “Sorry, I meant to say, lady. It be a musket ball… under not so friendly fire, if ye gets me drift. Pirates are notoriously rotten shots ye ken, and cutthroat te boot.”

“Who’s that hiding behind you?”

“That be my friend, Roger. He be a shy one. He’s no fashed to show his face. No sudden moves, Missus.”

Two huge eye holes ogled me.


“Hello Roger,” I said.








“Please don’t eat me, Missus,” came a muffled voice.

“No worries,” I said. “I make it a point never to eat food that talks to me.”

He got a little bolder. “I used to be much jollier,” he whimpered.










Suddenly, he looked more together… (p.s. … I did the nose)

“Thanky,” he said. “Ye smells very nice. Like flowers, ye ken.”

“It’s Chanel no. 5,” I said. “Me daughter, Sarah, gave it to me for Christmas.”

“Mmmn, lemony. Sorry, Missus. I be stinkin’ of sour milk.”

“Better than smelling like a pirate,” I commented.

“Me full name be Jolly Roger,” he said. “I be from Switzerland.”

“Well, shiver me timbers,” I said in a formal genteel manner which made him laugh. “There aren’t many Swiss pirates.” Thus encouraged, I gave him a mouth.

“Aaarh, that be right handsome, that be. Thanky, missus. How did ye knows what I looked like? ‘Ave we met afore?”

“I took a wild guess,” I said. “Besides, I’ve seen your flag.”

“But, if ye don’t mind me sayin’,” he boomed, “you’ll need te practise yer pirate voice if ye wants to command fear and respect.”

“I’m okay, thanks.”

“I think I’m goin’ te change me name to Monteray Jack,” he said. “I’ve mellowed since I be eaten, I ‘ave.”

“I hear Monteray’s a nice place.”

“Aaarh,” he agreed. “And there taint be so much chocolate thar.”

“Are there a lot of chocolate ghosts in Switzerland?”

“Too many if ye ask me.”

“Well, now I’m hungry for chocolate, but all I have is bread and cheese.”

“No problem,” the ghosts called out in unison.

There were five gentle popping sounds. The cheese was exorcised.

and then there were none


I made sure they were gone, made a lettuce sandwich, and hastened to the nearest store for a Toblerone bar.



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‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch

This is me… this is you… this is all of us. This is THE BIG SELFIE!

Self-isolating on a global scale has changed the dynamic of home-sweet-home. It’s solitary confinement for some, group quarantine for others, but whether you‘re home alone or locked down with loved ones, or have no pets, forced confinement can be tricky. And by that I mean antsy. Cabin fever is a real challenge. I offer some advice below to resolve that issue.


Mole – ‘The Wind din the Willows’ by Kenneth Grahame

As an author, I’m used to working for months at a time within a self-isolating bubble, listening to imaginary characters chatting and squabbling, lost in my work-in-progress, engrossed by the big picture forever unfolding in my brain. I’ve always emerged from these literary reveries the way a mole greets the sunlight, slightly disoriented. But I’m lucky. I live by the sea next to a serious wild wood, and the salty air soon revives me.

Suffice it to say, my day job (the one that used to pay my bills) is over for the time being. I have returned to the freelance world as a book coach and developmental editor. So, if you need help with these services, the internet is user-friendly with emails. I am open for business.

I write about paintings that refuse to stay on the canvas, sentient buildings, time-travel (both Y/A and adult) and cozy paranormal romance time-slip mysteries. I also blog about the eccentricities of art history delivered in cozy ghost stories.


Whatever your snapshot, take comfort that you’re not alone. Take a page out of Moley’s book. It takes time to adjust to a new day. Wherever and whenever you are able to venture outside, it’s the wild wood. Whatever the weather, sunshine, raindrops, and spring breezes feel wonderful on your face. Absorb birdsong, the scents of grass and flowers, wind and water, earth and rain. Nature is the essence of life. If you don’t have a garden, conjure one in your imagination. Be like Mole, visualize trees and riverbanks, and relive memories of green landscapes and blue seascapes. ‘E-scape’ online where there are no travel restrictions. And you can always time-travel in one of my cozy time-slip novels.


Launch date APRIL 6th ***or available now as a Kindle pre-order for $2.99

‘DISAPP’EARRING TWICE’ – an historic fantasy of love, reincarnation, and sacrifice inspired by a true event.

Aurelia Marcus, a troubled high school student, is singled out by Jakobina, the dispirited spirit of a teenage girl trapped in a painting, in a hostage bid to resolve their mutual issues of mortality.

Jakobina, desperate to reincarnate with an old love, wants a second chance to live; Aurelia, faced with the curse of dementia that runs in her family, wants to avoid death altogether.

In 1965, their pact had seemed like a match made in heaven.

Fifty-years-on, still relentlessly shadowed by Jakobina, Aurelia rents an extraordinary castle by the sea, compelled to document her recurring dreams of a past life in a memoir of two lives she can’t quite remember.

But as the proposed year of transition approaches, Aurelia feels herself slowly disappearing into a 350 year-old-painting, one memory at a time, mourning the love she never lived with the disturbing realization that even immortality is life-threatening.

Driven to unlock an age old mystery of ill-fated lovers, and atone for betraying the boy she left behind, Aurelia summons help from an unlikely muse and spontaneously revisits her past and future in lucid dreams.

At the eleventh hour, only the ghost of a chance remains that Aurelia may remember her way home.

The preorder link for the $2.99 Kindle version of ‘DISAPP’EARRING TWICE’ is available here:


Is the biggest picture of all. Our collective work-in-progress demands quarantine, common sense, and patience. Whether you work on the frontlines or wait on the sidelines, it must be a committed effort. If there was ever a time for ‘hands across the sea’, this is it.

If you’re not a writer, may I suggest you start now. Begin a diary, jot down ideas, dabble at a short story or the novel you were going to write in your spare time. I can attest to the fact that the art of composing words into sentences and sentences into story is centering.

Indie authors rarely make a living from sales of their books, so consider buying an e-book in your favorite genre and hunker down for an inspiring read. I also suggest you tune in to uplifting stories on the small screen. For the present, dystopian thrillers are a tad on the nose for light entertainment. Escape into a story that inspires…. That said, you could do no better than discover ‘The Wind in the Willows’. And never, ever, underestimate the wisdom of Winnie the Pooh.

‘The House at Pooh Corner’ by A.A. Milne






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Leonardo da Vinci was big on alchemy

– the science of his day, especially, the magic of mathematical proportions when it came to drawing the perfect human body. His famous spread-eagle illustration ‘The Vitruvian Man’ shows the ideal man fitting into the divine rectangle that squares the circle. It is believed to be a self-portrait of Leonardo, age 35.

We also know from Leonardo’s writings and sketchbooks that he was keen on cats, too. He developed a calligraphic shorthand for capturing fleeting moments in cats and birds that embody their quick movements in a few swift pen strokes.

Similarly, in an alchemy of our own, we authors of fiction, attempt to ‘square’ opening hooks and inciting incidents that fit into divine plots within the constructs of a classic three-act formula. An accepted format calculated to give hints but never give away endings.



In my middle-grade to Y/A ‘Bede Series’ adventures: ‘TWINTER – the first portal’ and ‘TIME FALLS LIKE SNOW’ , a colony of royal cats from the temple of Bast in ancient Egypt are the gatekeepers of time travel. And in present day Northumbria, near Hadrian’s Wall, Great Britain, only sensitive children can hear Bede Hall’s housecats conversing in English.

In ‘ADORATION – loving Botticelli’, a cat reincarnates through several of her nine lives in order to reunite lovers separated by centuries.

In my latest novel ‘DISAPP’EARRING TWICE’ the troubled heroine, beset by the dispirited spirit of a girl from a famous painting, time travels back and forth between her teenage years and old age, relying on a sentient cat clock in the form of the cartoon character, Felix, to ground her shaky sanity.


‘DISAPP’EARRING TWICE’ is scheduled for launch in late January – 2020, so in the true spirit of 2020 hindsight, or is it foresight, I leave you with best wishes for a divine Christmas and a purr’fect New Year of circles and squares.

Cheers, Veronica




DISAPP’EARRING TWICE – a work-in-progress by V KNOX



V KNOX AMAZON author page

V KNOX FACEBOOK   authors page 


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Presenting three of my artful characters dying to speak: LISABETTA BUTI (the ‘Mona Lisa’ and Leonardo da Vinci’s kid sister), SANDRO BOTTICELLI (fifteenth-century master painter), and FINN CLEARY (a child victim onboard Titanic)

When the red leaves fall, the October sky darkens with rain and snow, and the frost on the pumpkin glows silver in the moonlight, banish the shadows that play on human fear. Relax into a haunting story from the borders of the afterlife where the ghosts are family, twists of fate transcend time, and love is more powerful than death.

I remain intent on listening to the ethereal echoes from objects in museums and voices of the long since departed, dying to tell their truth.

Have a safe Halloween. Especially the ‘black cats’ of every color out there – V Knox

Historical facts meet magical fiction in THREE GHOSTLY NOVELS by V KNOX:




DISAPP’EARRING TWICE – a work-in-progress by V KNOX

My latest Art History Mystery ‘DISAPP’EARRING TWICE’ featuring ‘The Girl With A Pearl Earring’ is due to launch in January, 2020. My newsletter with a synopsis and excerpts will be sent on November 22nd.



Please sign up here to be on my mailing list.

Sample my ten e-books here:

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