The dangers of being a book: It’s dangerous to casually ask a man to please strip the sheets and throw them in the wash. More dangerous still, to be tumble dried.

But now this ‘cleaned’ copy sits in pride of place next to my computer

And now you know… it’s dangerous to read in bed!

But let’s hear it for happy accidents…

my book is now a sculpture!


























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A TIME-SLIP FANTASY for the ‘GRAND-CHILD’ in all of us

detail of a painting by V Knox


E (entertainment) = mc (main characters… 2) squared (twinned exponential trouble)

[The relative speed of a story within a book is the same no matter the age at which a reader time-travels in their imagination]

Cavort with characters through the mists and fogs of rainy Britain where the chill of ‘NARNIA’ melts into the baking desert of EGYPT’S GIZA PLATEAU, past and present.

‘TWINTER – the first portal’ is the fallout treasure of my childhood obsession with ancient Egypt and several of my favorite television series: two archaeology documentaries ‘TIME TEAM’ and ‘ANCIENT LIVES’, and ‘DOWNTON ABBEY’ set in HIGHCLERE CASTLE, the family seat of Lord Carnarvon who financed Howard Carter’s famous dig where he discovered King Tut’s tomb.

And children’s books: Lewis Carroll’s ‘ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS’, ‘THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA’ – by C.S. Lewis, ‘THE SECRET GARDEN’, and the HARRY POTTER series.

I worried these happy influences like a loose tooth, until pi (plot + inciting incident) and r (research) were firmly squared in my imagination.

Follow the young teens of Bede Hall on a time-slip adventure to ancient Egypt through the time portals of a persnickety sentient stately home in Northumbria, built atop the successive ruins of prehistoric Britain. But be forewarned:


There are three generations of Stratford-Smyths ‘living’ in Bede Hall. The fourth is the ghost of a nine-year-old girl, which makes them four generations spanning four dimensions.

Kit, a boy-scientist who decries all things supernatural, must confront his worst nightmares after moving to Bede Hall, his grandmother’s persnickety crumbling estate.

The Hall, steeped in local mythology, buzzes with unearthly energy and encounters with ghostly phenomena. The Green Man has abandoned his kingdom.

But Kit is determined to find a logical explanation. The gardens of Bede Hall are alive with exotic species of pharmaceutical plants. Surely, the residents are suffering from a mass hallucination.

When Kit’s twin sister, Bash, wholeheartedly embraces the same energies Kit denounces, they’re pitted against each other. Their strong telepathic bond is sorely tested, reduced to an erratic connection between the real and paranormal worlds.

But to prevent a global disaster and several personal ones, Kit must overcome his fear of the unknown, face death by traveling through the dangerous time portals of Bede Hall, and change the future by creating a new past.

Three years have gone by since the twins first arrived to live in Bede Hall.


Turning sixteen isn’t going to be easy.

From Kit’s science log:

“I am outnumbered and outgunned but I still refuse to be canon fodder in a supernatural war with a building as my commanding officer. That said, if I AM to be a warrior, then it’s to personally survive an internal battle of doubt. If only logic was an effective weapon. Science at fifty paces suits me.” – Kit (Christopher Stratford-Smyth)

Time is a funny thing… funny ODD. Words are funny things… funny STRANGE. Bede Hall is a funny old place… funny WEIRD.



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…Sfumato memories… of the way it might have been (*sfumato means misty watercolor) 






Leonardo’s experimental painting was missing a special something. He flexed his long slender fingers and stared at his hands as if they were strangers. Am I losing my touch?

“No,” a piggy voice squeaked. “You’re just getting old.”

A strange calm came over him in the form of a whizbang idea. He put his thumbs in his ears and waggled his fingers at his sister, Lisabetta.

She didn’t smile. She looked puzzled. “Are you quite well?” she said. “Do you need to take a break or something? By the way, there’s a flying pig on your shoulder.”

It was Leo’s turn to frown. “Have you been sniffing my paints again?”

“Maybe a little varnish… but the pig…”

“Okay okay, there IS a clockwork pig with wings on my shoulder. I made him to amuse you.”

“Brother dear, you’re losing your mind,” Lisabetta said to herself.

“Nobody appreciates an alchemist,” Leonardo muttered to the pig. “That took skill, that did, and not a little skullduggery.”

Leonardo held out his arm and the pig fluttered there as gracefully as a flying pig could. “Yes, master,” it said.

Leonardo inclined his head towards Lisabetta and whispered. “Go over there. Say something to make her smile.”

The pig grunted back sarcastically. “Should I tell her a joke?”

Leonardo chuckled to himself. “Perhaps a small Joconde would do the trick.”

Piggy groaned. “I can’t believe you said that. You may need a new writer.”

“Hey,” I shouted from my computer. “I’m doing the best I can. Writing a blog post isn’t as easy as people think.”

“Go,” Leonardo instructed his creature. “Go quickly before we lose the light. This is the hour before dusk when the light is perfect.” He looked up and to his right where future memories collect. He smiled a ‘Mona Lisa smile’ at no-one in particular that charmed me. “In 500 years, photographers will call it the magic hour,” he said. “Charm her, little pig. We haven’t much time. Ask her a riddle. She likes those.”

And the little pig flew, and he did. “ Mirror mirror on the wall,” he intoned dreamily in Lisabetta’s ear. “Who has the most famous face of all?”

Lisabetta’s face went red from keeping a straight face. “Are you kidding?” she mumbled out the corner of her mouth. “People will call me the Gioconda… the smiling woman in 500 years.”

Piggy couldn’t resist gently nibbling Lisabetta’s earlobe. “Then, have you heard the one about a face that launched a thousand ships?” he whispered. Nothing.

Leonardo coughed from across the room. He nodded slightly. “Plan B, I think,” he said. “As rehearsed, please.”

The pig flapped his wings, flew in circles around Lisabetta’s head, and gave a tiny fart of surprise when he deliberately spun out and crash-landed in her lap.

His prat fall amused her. She smiled inwardly, checking herself. Leonardo wouldn’t appreciate her laughing out loud at such a critical juncture of his experiment to paint a human landscape.

He’d made it clear that the eyes in this new kind of portrait must capture the soul just as the mouth must capture the spirit. Two different things,” he’d said when she questioned him with raised eyebrows.

He looked at her intently. “And you won’t be doing that soon.”

“Doing what?”

“You won’t have any eyebrows to raise.”

“Grazzi. You’re far too thoughtful.”

“Eyebrows give away the emotions,” Leonardo said. “You will remain a mystery. No clues. Just tricks of the light and a pair of unnerving eyes that track anyone who has the courage to look into your soul.”

Lisabetta shifted uncomfortably. “I’m not sure I want strangers doing that.”

Leonardo explained as he painted, the way he always did. “Your skin and clothing will be camouflaged by a palette of woodland browns, warm summer flesh-tones, and greens from the olive groves where we played as children.

He tapped on the finished background of mountains and disappearing trails either side of Lisabetta’s seated figure, first the left side, then the right. “I’ve given you twin horizons that represent the past and future.” He tapped some more, pointing out a few trails and a bridge he’d especially created to lead her home, front and center. “Think of yourself as Mother Nature, hiding her best dreams in plain sight,” he instructed.

Lisabetta was not going to argue with a genius painting her life-force. She kept her cool and didn’t move her hands. Little did she know she would be trapped in her portrait for 500 years until I, an author with a name translated from the Latin anagram, ‘veritas icona’, that means  ‘true face’, would write her face a decidedly artful way out.

“Far out,” Leonardo echoed, squinting at his painting, concentrating so hard he captured his sister’s soul right there on the wooden panel. He looked up at me, satisfied. “And while you’re at it, could you write me a happy ending?” he said. He gestured to the finished masterpiece. “I think I deserve a reward for this. Perhaps a nice long rest in my dotage.”

“Done,” I said. “I’ve written you a very nice retirement home in the south of France.”

He looked over to where I was scribbling in the shadows. His eyes stared past me at the clock on the wall that had no hands. “Far out,” he repeated in a daze.

“Very,” I said. “It’s in the Loire Valley, deep in the countryside.”

Leonardo’s eyes focused and met mine. He sent me a knowing wink followed by a dazzling grin. “It was all countryside back then,” he said. “But what occurred to me is that there’s no time between a writer and their imagination.”

“Maybe you do need a new writer,” I said.

“You’ll be fine if you’re patient,” he said. “Rome wasn’t built in ten years.”

“So, you’re one of those funny artists,” I replied.

“Cara Mia,” he said, “if you’re intent on being a writer you’d better generate a sense of humor.”

“Take a look at my fridge sometime,” I countered.

And he did, and it made him smile, and he pinched my cheek and patted me on the head like a worldly grandfather. “You’ll do just fine,” he said. He paused and scratched the top of his head. His brow was knitted. “I know it’s against the rules of writing fiction…” He hesitated again, and rested a hand gently on my shoulder. “But please don’t be too hard on my sister.”






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A time-slip paranormal romance takes an autistic child through an extraordinary journey of reincarnation and time-travel beyond evolution itself

Excerpt from ‘THE INDIGO PEARL’

[When I was fourteen I fell in love with a boy in a painting.

Leonardo da Vinci painted Cecco’s portrait five-hundred years before we met as teenagers in 2001. We lived on opposite ends of the Italian renaissance, as close as twin sides of a gold florin. And then there was the accident and I died for a while.

When I regained consciousness, fifty-two years had passed and my next incarnation had picked up the threads of my life and moved on. She is me and not me, and now she’s falling in love with my boy.

Cecco was more than Leonardo’s favorite apprentice, he was the son the master never had. I like to think Cecco is the reason I was born twice, and for the most part he is, but while I want to rest in peace with my beloved, my usurper, an artificial hybrid designed for time travel, intends to exact revenge on the art syndicate that exploited us.

The ‘creature’ may have a physical body to whisk her to 15th century Florence… but I have the spirit to transcend the body and I’m not about to let the love of my life slip into another woman’s heart. I have no intention of receding into the Shadowlands without a fight.

And so I followed the robin into the mouth of the cave, through the hall of the birds and past the paintings of horses on the walls into the light.]

AI = autistic intelligence… ‘state of the art’ time travel just became transcendental… sometimes it takes two lives to make one woman.


The story concludes in ‘PEARL BY PEARL’.

please visit:



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‘All Hallows Eve’ is upon us… prime time for a romantic ghost story

Inspired by the diaries of Canada’s iconic artist, Emily Carr


‘WOO WOO – the posthumous love story of Miss Emily Carr’ a novel

Eccentric artist and iconic spinster, Emily Carr, comes to her senses sixty-seven years after her death and calls down the energy of her animal totem, Woo the monkey, to rekindle the love of a rejected suitor. Now she must embark on a posthumous quest to find the persistent admirer who wooed her while she was alive.


The invincible Emily shattered most of the rules that confined the women of her Victorian age, but she died a spinster. Something covert made her shy away from courtship and marriage. Instead, she focused on the romance of creating art.

Her diaries offer tempting snippets of loves lost and a secret admirer she loved her from afar.

“Don’t pickle me away as a done”– Emily Carr

Emily Carr may be deceased, but she’s not ‘done’. She has more to confess redress, and repair. Truth and consequences notwithstanding, she elicits help from the living to redress the errors of her ways. Now, paranormal is the only road to take in order to reunite lost lovers, and to discover:











Maybe lost love isn’t so uncanny when your best friend is a matchmaker monkey named Woo!

Emily Carr and Woo











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Original painting by author V Knox

for ghostly goings on

When the last red leaves fall, the October sky darkens with rain and snow, and the frost on the pumpkin glows silver in the moonlight, banish the endless stream of seasonal macabre that play on human fear. Relax into a haunting story from the borders of the afterlife where historical fact meets wildly imaginative fiction, the ghosts are family, twists of fate transcend time, and love is more powerful than death.



WHAT IF – a woman is drawn to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence on the eve of her retirement where she is absorbed into Sandro Botticelli’s fifteenth-century masterpiece ‘The Adoration of the Magi’ to consummate her schoolgirl infatuation with the artist’s self-portrait? (‘ADORATION – Loving Botticelli’) 

WHAT IF – the ‘Mona Lisa’ was Leonardo da Vinci’s kid sister? What if she’s been trapped inside her portrait for 500 years? What if an autistic boy visiting the Louvre is her knight in shining armor? (Book one of four: ‘LISABETTA – a stolen glance’)

WHAT IF – a telepathic teenage girl falls in love with a boy in a five-hundred-year-old painting? What if her consciousness is transplanted into a charismatic artificial intelligent time traveler? What if the continuing afterlife, past-life, and future life of two women with the same memories become rivals for the ghostly lover they now share? What if two female ‘art-whisperers’ struggle against their conflicting goals to mine the distant past for sentient paintings willing to divulge the secrets of their shared lost identity? Will it take two lives to make one woman? (‘THE INDIGO PEARL and ‘PEARL BY PEARL’)

WHAT IF – two children aboard the Titanic were meant to marry? What if only one survives? (‘THE UNTHINKABLE SHOES’)

WHAT IF – a Y/A time-slip fantasy links Pangea, Ancient Egypt, Mars, and a mystical corner of Northumbria near Hadrian’s Wall? What if a band of topiaries wander the grounds of a disgruntled stately home at night? What if a colony of royal cats held the secret of time travel? What if the Green Man, Leonardo da Vinci, Nicola Tesla, Vincent Van Gogh, and C.S. Lewis aid a pair of telepathic twins to resolve an ancient curse? (The Bede Trilogy: ‘TWINTER’, ‘TIME FALLS LIKE SNOW’, and soon *book 3 to be released in 2019, ‘TOMORROW AGAIN’).

WHAT IF – the girl in Vermeer’s painting ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring goes missing from her portrait? (‘DISAPPEARRING TWICE’ a work in progress to be released as the buds of new green leaves sprout in the spring of 2019)

Whatever you call them: amulets, trinkets, keepsakes, or love tokens, sentimental objects retain the ghosts of their owners, and mistaken identities hide bigger pictures.

The ‘Desiderata’ (forgotten things) of vibrant lives live on in our imaginations. We want to know the hopes and dreams of our ancestors. We want to know what was and what could have been – the truths and the lost visions because

the heART of humanity is in the details.







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The sleeping Mars from ‘VENUS & MARS’ – SANDRO BOTTICELLI

The sleeping Mars from ‘VENUS & MARS’


What do we actually know about Sandro Botticelli? What can we possibly know?  These are two different questions, and we can only answer the latter – the educated guess being no more valid than an emotional one.


Botticelli’s face proves how much more he was than a generic woodcut printed in the frontispiece of Dante’s Divine Comedy, a book he illustrated. A self-portrait, more than any other, is an accurate representation of a physical person. Behold, a haughty moment captured from a prolonged gaze in a mirror. Introspection fused to a defensive reflection.

‘The Adoration of the Magi’ – 1475
Sandro Botticelli’s self-portrait, age 35

Vanity? Perhaps. Here is a man turned out for deliberate remembrance, critiqued to the full extent of his professional examination. Clean-shaven and well-dressed, titian hair aglow. Eyes blazing life. Fire under the skin. Smouldering. Here is a whole person. Here is Tuscan sunshine glinting off the gold threads of an apricot cloak.

An image of oneself usually survives vanity only after it is found favorable. Is it flattery? Most definitely. Why else would a professional portrait painter abuse his best mode of self-promotion?

But the first question haunts us. What do we absolutely know? We know Botticelli once lived and there were days when he breathed under an apricot cloak. We know this cloak is now dust – lost in the refuse of daily things. We know Sandro has been a child and a teenager and an old man. We know that the days during which Botticelli painted his portrait, he walked away from his mirror to eat and drink. He laughed and concentrated between sips of wine, and then he painted. We know that at one precise moment he set aside his brushes, deciding his work was done, which is a significant moment for an artist.

We know Sandro’s portrait remains alive as testament to his chance for creative immortality. And we know Botticelli’s Adoration of 1475 was left to dry in the musty air of an artist’s studio, wet and vulnerable in a corner, while other work continued around it. It is clear that no serious accident befell it when it passed from hand-to-hand… or did it?

‘The Adoration of the Magi’ – 1475 – Sandro Botticelli

I doubt Botticelli painted a horse so ill-placed as to fall out of the picture plane. I suspect someone tampered, hopefully after the artist’s lifetime.

But, back to my subjective view as an author: Botticelli is having an intimate tease with us. Do you not feel it? He is there. He has survived five-hundred years of dust to meet us face to face. To stare into our eyes, soul-to-soul. Botticelli is ours now, to marvel at his silenced thoughts transmitted from eye-to-eye. I believe he was well satisfied with his portrait.

“Here I am,” it says. “While you’re trying to read me, I’m trying to guess who you are. Have we met? Could we? Yes, we’re meeting now. My name is Sandro, and you are …?”


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